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True Bliss

Seers advise: "Find your bliss,"
as if bliss were a far way off—
at the top of some mountain,
at the end of some arduous journey.

True bliss is, indeed, a lofty destination.
And it takes a journey to get there.
Yet "there" is not a far way off;
it is here and now

The long, hard journey takes us
through our reluctance
to be here and to be now
what we always were, still are, and will be.

Bliss is not adding something
to my ordinary life.
It is taking something away:
my flight, my rebellion.

Who is the real me?
Underneath all the dross, I am:
Awesome liberty, compassion,
trust, tranquility, and joy.

This real me is my bliss,
and this bliss is not far away,
though I may be far away
from my bliss.

Yet my case is not hopeless.
I can return to my bliss.
I can admit my waywardness.
I can accept my Welcome Home.

I can celebrate.
I can feast,
here and now,
at the table of forgiveness.