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Articles and Audios on our religious and social perspectives



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Describing a Christian Resurgence Circle - (1 pdf file)

EcoTheater Description and Photos - 2011 performance (1 pdf file)

Cruminess and Authenticity - Chapter 1 of To Be or Not to Be a Christian, Copyright 1994: Gene W. Marshall

A Virgin Birth for Everyone - Chapter 9 of To Be or Not to Be a Christian, Copyright 1994: Gene W. Marshall

Surrounded by Infinite Silence - from the Introduction to Listening to the Infinite Silence, Copyright 1999: Gene W. Marshall

Straw Bale Construction - A pictorial overview: Joyce and Gene Marshall

True Bliss - a poem by Gene W. Marshall, Copyright 2000

The Queen's Quest - from The Queen's Quest and other Tales, Stories to Live By, Copyright 1994: Joyce Marshall

The Biblical View of Evil - a theological reflection on terrorism and prophetic vision, Copyright 2001: Gene W. Marshall

Remembering Those Who Died - from the Realistic Living Journal, November 2002. Copyright 2002 Gene W. Marshall

What then Does it Mean to Pray? - from the Realistic Living Journal, November 1999, Copyright 1999: Gene W. Marshall

The Authority of Authentiticity - from the Realistic Living Journal, June 1999, Copyright 1999: Gene W. Marshall

To Be or Not To Be A Christian? - Chapter 26 of To Be or Not to Be a Christian, Copyright 1994: Gene W. Marshall

Nine Players on the Planet Team - from the book, When Awed Ones Gather. Copyright 2003 Gene W. Marshall (2 pages PDF file)

Twelve Stategies of Social Transformation - Part of chapter 8 of Fresh Wineskins for the Christian Breakthough, Second edition, Copyright 2000: Gene W. Marshall (5 pages, PDF file)

Scientific Rationality and Spirit Experience - Chapter 5 of Stages of Consciousness and the Experience of Spirit, Copyright 2000: Gene W. Marshall (9 pages, PDF file)

Twentieth Anniversary Report - November 2004

Twenty years ago on December 6, 1984, the Realistic Living application for nonprofit status was signed and notarized.  The signees were Gene Marshall, Joyce Marshall, and Marilyn McCord.  We had worked toward this throughout 1984, and in November of that year we published our first Realistic Living Journal. 

With this report we celebrate with you our twentieth anniversary, sharing highlights from the story of these two decades.

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Table of Contents for the 20-Year Report

1. The Antecedents and Beginnings of Realistic Living

2. Our Christian Resurgence Focus

3. Bioregionalism and the Endangered Planet

4. EcoTheater and Community Awakenment

5. Interreligious Research and Christian Theology

6. Written, Recorded, and Electronic Resources

7. A House for our Home, Offices, and Meeting Place


Joyce's Reflections

Roger Alexander’s Report of a New CRC

John Stowell’s Report of the Sojourn




From the August 2010 Leadership Training School and Symposium Meeting

(click on links below to play directly, or Right-Click to download and play via any mp3 player)

Gene Marshall gave a 15-minute talk on Interreligious dialogue followed by a get-acquainted discussion in threes on our experiences with Christianity and Buddhism.

Gene gave a longer talk on “What is Spirit?

Joyce Marshall began our exploration of solitary practice with a talk on prayer.
Alan Richard continued with a talk on stories, the use of Scripture stories, and how we have been blocked in our ability to mix our lives with these stories.

Larry Ward and Peggy Rowe led us in 44 hours of meditative practice, Spirit talks, and creativity workshops. Larry gave a Spirit talk that outlined the basics of Buddhism and concluded with how the rebuilding of the entire social mode depends upon the rebuilding of effective religious practices.  

Gene gave a Spirit talk on our theological edge.  The topic of this talk emerged in our discussions: the content of Christian theology is simply the content of our lives. The Christian language does not add more content, but rather expresses and nurtures an attitude of devotion and loyalty toward the ordinary/wondrous content we already daily experience.