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Realistic Living Book Downloads

Clicking these titles will download one file or bring up an index of files to be downloaded.

To read these files you will need a PDF reader. 
If you do not have one you can receive an adobe acrobat reader free by going to this URL: http://www.adobe.com/prodindex/acrobat/readstep.html

Great Paragraphs of Protestant Theology:
A Commentary on the 20th Century Theological Revolution and its Implications for 21st Century Theology.

These 13 files contain an 80-page book.  Nine chapters explore the enduring essence of some of the great paragraphs of Rudolf Bultmann, Paul Tillich, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and H. Richard Niebuhr. The other four chapters aim at seeing this heritage in a  fresh 21st Century way.  This book was written to be a study book for students of recent Christian theology.

When Awed One’s Gather
This will bring up an index of five files.  This book on Christian community is an overview of the history of Christian communal organization and an exposition of the importance of small group meetings in the future of Christian life together.  It is a follow up to The Call of the Awe, a 339-page paperback book published by iUniverse.

Meditations on the Metaphorical Translation of the Gospel of Mark
This will bring up an index of five files.  This book contains an introduction to the formation of the New Testament literature, a commentary on every verse of the Gospel of Mark, and suggested discussions questions for each passage.

Good Christian Religion as a Social Project
This will bring up an index of six files.  
This is a summary of the basic elements of 20th Century theology and Christian community building put in accessible language for small group study.

Christianity in Change 
This will bring up an index of eight files.  
These chapters raise some of the edge theological issues of our era, including the dialogue with Buddhism.

Teaching Poems  
One file will download, containing poems written and used by Gene Marshall over many years.

Pets, Children, and Spirit Maturity  
One file will download, containing a brief book dealing the adolescent passage as a Spirit challenge.

The Reincarnation of Paul
One file will download, a mock conversations with the apostle Paul that attempts to let him speak to us in modern metaphors.  

Listening to the Infinite Silence
One file will download, containing three books:
The Infinite Silence Speaks: Poetic Discourses on the Book of Genesis
Speaking Back to the Infinite Silence: The Oral Poetry of the Psalms
The Infinite Silence Walks Among Us: The Poetic Dialogues of the Gospel of John

Space/Time and the Living Here/Now
This will bring up an index of six files.  
This book is on the enduring dialogue between science and religion with special emphasis on the importance, the religious meaning, and the limitations of modern physics.

Stages of Consciousness and the Experience of Spirit
You will see a long index of the chapters (discourses) of this book.
This is a book on the philosophy of religion dealing with some of the most thorny topics, including some critical dialogue with the provocative thought of Ken Wilber.  
The first number in each file name indicates the chapter number(s).  
The number at the end of the file name is a date code.  For example, 1200 means December 2000.  This edition of that chapter was published on that date.  When and if a later edition of that chapter is published, it will be given a later code, such as 201 which would mean February 2001.  This same date coding is used in many of the other books.

Symposium Papers
These five two-page papers summarize some of work being done by the Symposium on Christian Resurgence for Century Twenty-One.

If you have any difficulty downloading these materials, email us at jgmarshall@cableone.net.