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Order Realistic Living Books and Booklets

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All books by Gene Marshall unless noted otherwise.

For information & ordering of The Call of the Awe and Jacob's Dream see home page.

Other Perfect Bound Books - $8.00 each

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To Be or Not to Be a Christian: Meditations and Essays on Authentic Christian Community, an exploration of literalism, two-story metaphysics, ecology, patriarchy, bigotry, and community life


The Reign of Reality: a Fresh Start for the Earth, a book on The Kingdom of God and contemporary social change
by Joyce and Gene Marshall


A Primer on Radical Christianity, a book on basic theological method and ethical foundations



The Queen’s Quest and Other Tales: stories to live by, a collection of 28 adult fairy tales with instructions for oral reading and discussion
by Joyce Marshall


Tape-Bound Study Books - $8.00 each
(8-1/2 by 11 inch format)


The Infinite Silence Speaks: poetic discourses on the book of Genesis


Speaking Back to the Infinite Silence: rediscovering the Psalms as oral poetry


The Infinite Silence Walks Among Us: dialogues with the Gospel of John


The Birth & Rebirth & Rebirth & Rebirth . . .of Spirit: some reflections upon the origins and survival possibilities of the last remaining upright-walking primates


Great Thinks, Great Feels, and Great Resolves: some reflections on the essence of religious experience


Good Christian Religion as a Social Project: how to view the Jesus Christ happening as the central illumination of my life without becoming a bigot


Fresh Wineskins for the Christian Breakthrough: fragments of visionary brooding on the sociological future of Christianity


Pets, Children, and Spirit Maturity: reflections on the inner journey


The Reincarnation of Paul: a fictitious dialogue with the New Testament letter writer


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