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call of the aweThe Call of the Awe

A 2003 Book
by Gene Marshall

The Call of the Awe
Rediscovering Christian Profundity
in an Interreligious Era

Interreligious dialogue is not only a timely topic in world affairs; it is also the emerging environment in which Christian theology needs to be written.

Religion / General
Trade Paperback – published by iUniverse - Jan 2003
ISBN: 0-595-26353-4
Size: 6 x 9 - 334 Pages
Price: $20.95

To order go to iUniverse.com
or call 1-877-823-9235

Or mail a check for $20.00 to
Gene W. Marshall
3578 N. State Highway 78
Bonham, TX 75418
and we will pay the postage

Why do we do religion? Religion appears in human life because every human being, even if not fully aware of it, lives in a land of mystery with rushing rivers of freedom, imposing mountains of care, and wild seas of tranquility. This land of mystery penetrates the land of ordinary living at every point. Awe is our experience of this ever-present Eternity.

The Call of the Awe describes how Awe-happenings in our everyday lives are the key to understanding both the renewal of Christianity and the need for non-bigoted dialogue among all the religions on Earth. After exploring how Awe gives depth to Christian theology, the author demonstrates how Awe give depth to our dialogue with Islam, Judaism, Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, the Goddess heritage of early civilizations, and the religions of tribal antiquity.

Gene Marshall has a long history of participation in Christian renewal and interreligious dialogue. For fourteen years he was a staff member of the Ecumenical Institute. For seven years he was the dean of an 8-week residential leadership-training program for religious leadership and inquirers from all over the world. He led seven similar programs in Europe, India, Hong Kong, The Philippines, and Australia. He has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, a master’s degree in theology, and extensive further study. For the last 20 years, he has been doing full-time research and training for Realistic Living, a nonprofit organization for religious and ethical research.

More About The Call of the Awe

Enthusiasm for this book continues to build. Here are some reader responses:

“I loved reading it and finding my own journey woven through it. You are a poet!”

Ted Farrar, a pastor in Montgomery, Maryland

“Having been on a journey of trying to understand my Christian upbringing and its outdated language in today's world, I found this book hard to put down and a refreshing encouragement. Gene Marshall picks up where such writers as Marcus Borg, Brian Swimme, and John Shelby Spong leave off. I expect their readers will be delighted to find this book. It is a book that will stimulate the renewal of Christianity and increase the common ground for dialogue among all religions.”

Richard H. Adams from Central New York

“For years I have been embarrassed to affiliate in any way with the category of 'Christianity.' The current mainstream of fundamentalism, literalism, sentimentalism, and moralism have robbed me of some of the deepest poetry by which I understand myself. Gene Marshall's, The Call of the Awe, has helped me to reconnect with the center of my being . . . the same center that has inspired all of humanity's religious creations over the centuries.”

Michael D. May of Bloominton, Indiana

“I read it with admiration and passed it along to a colleague. The book is worthy of study and discussion in today's church.”

Bishop C. Joseph Sprague,
acting Bishop of the Chicago Area of The United Methodist Church.

“Exactly what is needed during these tumultuous transitional times in history! Marshall's concept of Awe is what we hunger for in the deep parts of ourselves as we raise questions about and grapple with our new awareness of a world that is truly interreligious.”

Marsha Buck,
retired school principal and musician

“Clearly, recent international events have shown that vital conversation among the adherents of the religions of the world is a compelling necessity. Unfortunately, very few persons of any religious persuasion are equipped to engage in this undertaking. Gene W. Marshall's book The Call of the Awe helps to fill this void. For decades I have used “Awe” as the basic religious experience available to all. This searching and sensitive volume is a splendid tool upon which effective dialogue may be pursued.”

Bishop James K. Mathews,
Bishop of the United Methodist Church-retired, Ph.D.
in the History of Religion, Author of a book on Gandhi,
The Matchless Weapon: Satyagraha (Truth Force)

“Gene W. Marshall starts from his journey into the Christian faith in this country. This continues in his many years of work in other cultures resulting in his experiential dialogue with Christianity and the world religions. This is not just an intellectual dialogue but a dialogue of one's life covering the last fifty years. . . . It is a radical journey of seriously living in the 21st Century and at the same time digging deep into the Christian faith with one's total being until the profundity of that faith flows through him. . . . If you long to move beyond the old cliche and live in the world as it is, then this book is for you.”

Joseph Slicker,
founding member of the Order Ecumenical
and the Institute of Cultural Affairs