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Great Paragraphs of Protestant Theologygreat

Only 79  8 1/2-by-11 pages
of great study material

Table of Contents

Introduction:  From 20th Century Theology to 21st Century Resurgence

Part One: The Magic of Three

1. Three Approaches to Truth
2. Three Times Three is ONE 

Part Two: Commentary on Great Paragraphs of 20th Century Theology
The Awakenment Trinity
1. The Void and Rudolf Bultmann’s Crisis of Faith
2. Ultimate Trust and H. Richard Niebuhr’s Faith in God
3. The  Event of Grace and Paul Tillich’s “You  are Accepted”

The Presence Trinity
4. The Fullness and Paul Tillich’s Inescapable God
5. Spirit Love and Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Spirit and Psychic Love
6. The Communion of Saints and Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Life Together
The Action Trinity
7. The Total Demand and Paul Tillich’s Vision of the Holy
8. Complete Freedom and Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Responsible Action
9. The Vanguard and H. Richard Niebuhr’s Representational Responsibility

Part Three: Implications for 21st Century Theology
1. Three Types of Unitarianism
2. Living Beyond the Boxes

Conclusion:  Theology as a Systematic Knowing of the Unknowable


For a easy to read and well-grounded exploration of some of the best of 20th century theological writing,
this book is a gift to our century of Christian thought and practice. 

You can order hard copies at $10 each
or you can download the entire book free at: