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Our Books Written in the 21st Century


love of history2014

The Love of History and
the Future of Christianity:
Toward a Manifesto for
a Next Christianity

by Gene W. Marshall

The writings of Søren Kierkegaard transport us to a fresh kind of certainty, to the authority of authenticity. This awakening means a new era in the history of Christianity. Luther conducted a reform of Christendom. Kierkegaard has led us beyond Christendom, beyond all authority, beyond both Bible and Church, to an Awe-sustained authenticity that illuminates Bible, Church, and all else. This book emphasizes how Old and New Testaments and Christian theology through the centuries has included a love of history and how Final Reality is encountered in historical events. Part Three of this book focuses on the challenge of a future for Christianity – how we envision it, talk about it, and give it structural form. Spirit cries out, “Give me form,” but Spirit can never be contained in any temporal form. Nevertheless, temporal forms of religion are essential to the accessing and maturation of Spirit living. Such a Christianity is the quest of this book.

You can order a copy from Gene Marshall;
3578 N. State Hwy 78; Bonham, TX 75418. 
Enclose a check for $20.

For further information on The Love of History and
the Future of Christianity, click here.


enigma of consciousness2015

The Enigma of Consciousness
A Philosophy of Profound
Humanness and Religion

by Gene W. Marshall

Finally available in both paperback and e-book is a fully revised edition.
Amazon.com and other outlets will soon have this book, and it is now available from iUniverse in both paperback and e-book.  Bargain copies and sets can also secured directly from the author.  This is the author's eighth book-length project, and the most innovative of the eight.  It is about a fundamental redefinition of religion, not just the Christian religion, but why any sort of religion appears among the social processes of human societies.

It is also an inquiry into the foundations of consciousness with special attention to wonder or awe and how to understand and share wonder experiences.  It is written for the general reader of religious content, but it probes the edge of paradigm shifts in the most academic circles.  It is a controversial book, but also a practical outline of directions for both solitary and small group practice of a vital religion.

For a reduced-price, postage-free copy send a $25 check to: Gene Marshall; 3578 N. State Highway 78; Bonham, Texas 75418

For further information on The Enigma of Consciousness, click here.


road from empire2011

The Road from Empire
to Eco-Democracy
a joint project of Gene Marshall, Ben Ball, Marsha Buck, Ken Kreutziger, and Alan Richard

We provide a comprehensive overview of the deathtrap into which humanity has cornered itself, as well as how to construct a social vehicle within which humanity can survive and thrive.

Wise, insightful, forthright, systemic, and clearly written, with moments of special brilliance. The framing of “The Forces of Transformation” and “The Role and Limitations of Electoral Politics” are particularly distinctive and useful contributions. —David Korten, author of Agenda for a New Economy, The Great Turning From Empire to Earth Community, and When Corporations Rule the World

Order through booksellers or iUniverse paperback $21.95 e-book $3.99 or send $21 to Gene Marshall; 3578 N. State Highway 78; Bonham, Texas 75418 for a postage free copy.

For further information on The Road from Empire
to Eco-Democracy, click here.


Jacob’s Dream
A Christian Inquiry into
Spirit Realization

by Gene W. Marshall

This book is about coming home to Reality as movement from identification with our personality habits to identification with our essential Spirit nature of Trust, Love, and Freedom. The enneagram analysis of personalities is used to assist us in our Spirit journey. Also described is the role that community plays in the Christian nurture of our solitary journey. We recommend Jacob’s Dream as both a devotional book for solitary time and a study book for small group life.

Order through booksellers or iUniverse paperback $21.95 e-book $3.99 or send $21 to Gene Marshall; 3578 N. State Highway 78; Bonham, Texas 75418 for a postage free copy.

For further information on Jacob's Dream, click here.



Great Paragraphs
of Protestant Theology
A Commentary on the 20th Century Theological Revolution
and its Implications for
21st Century Theology

by Gene W. Marshall

Four theologians have been primary for the work of Realistic Living: Rudolf Bultmann, Paul Tillich, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and Richard Niebuhr. Key paragraphs of these theologians have been key in the course work we have continued teaching since 1983. Great Paragraphs is a commentary on those great paragraphs. The aim of this book has been to assist the reader to further translate the vocabulary of these authors into our 21st Century mode of thinking and to ground these paragraphs in our daily living. Part one of this book develops a context for understanding this process of theologizing. Part Two is the commentary itself. And Part Three is a reflection on the needs for further 21st Century Christian theological thinking.

For a copy of this excellent study booklett, send $10 to Gene Marshall at 3578 N. State Highway, Bonham TX 75418.

For further information on Great Paragraphs, click here.


The Call of the Awe
Rediscovering Christian Profundity in an Interreligious Era

by Gene W. Marshall

The experience of Awe is explored as the key to both understanding Christian heritage and conducting fruitful interreligious dialogue. Even if we are not fully aware of it, each of us lives in a land of mystery with rushing rivers of freedom, imposing mountains of care, and wild seas of tranquility. This land of mystery penetrates the land of ordinary living at every point. Awe is our experience of this ever-present Eternity. This book is for all inquirers into the depths of being human.

Order through booksellers or iUniverse paperback $21.95 e-book $3.99 or send $21 to Gene Marshall; 3578 N. State Highway 78; Bonham, Texas 75418 for a postage free copy.

For further information and reviews of The Call of the Awe, click here.


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