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“For years I have been embarrassed to affiliate in any way with the category of ‘Christianity.’  The current mainstream of fundamentalism, literalism, sentimentalism, and moralism have robbed me of some of the deepest poetry by which I understand myself.”

Michael May
Bloomington, IN




And Why Practice a New Form of Christianity?

Many people today find themselves “alumni” from the Christian communities in which they were raised.  Others still commune in some form of the vast heritage of Christianity, but are restless for something more profound and more relevant to the world in which we must live our lives.  Still others find themselves skeptical about every religious understanding and practice that they have known.  Christianity, like every other religion on the planet, is in a time of deep transition.

For example “angels” and “devils” need no longer be pictured as literal beings but as processes of Awe and temptations to unrealism that characterize the actual lives of every human being.  Such a discovery is actually a rediscovery of what many Christians throughout the ages were actually referencing with such terms.  The ancient language can be translated into the poetry of our own times.  And the solitary and communal practices of this deep heritage can come alive again in ways that enrich our lives in the real world.  For further exploration of these topics consider these two links to books fully discussed on this web site:

2013  The Love of History and the Future of Christianity
Toward a Manifesto for a Next Christianity

1994  To Be or Not to Be a Christian
Meditations and Essays on Authentic Christian Community