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“I come to the CRC because the discipline of a weekly, regular ritual gives my life a sense of rhythm and regularity that is helpful for this low- structure guy. I come to the CRC because it’s a safe space for honesty.

Most contexts I am in have strong social pressures to lie, manipulate, and defend - the CRC has strong social pressures towards honesty and vulnerability. Its small size and the regularity of people that come every week fosters an intimacy that makes honesty less risky.”

Nate Custer
Houston, TX




Intimate Circles

A Christian Resurgence Circle is an experiment in small group religious practice.  There are many types of small groups. There are house churches of a fundamentalist bent.  There are spirit life groups of all sorts.  There are come-when-you-like  church-shool classes.  There are support groups and social issue groups.  A CRC is none of the above.  It is a nurture meeting for persons seeking to access their true humanity.  It is a study group for people seeking a fresh grasp of Christian heritage and a fresh mode of life that maximizes our service to self, others, and this planet.  A CRC is also a disciplined body.

Its members promise to meet weekly for two hours and take responsibility for one another, for their local place, and their planet. Though members need not live together or share property, they are an expression of what some call “A New Monasticism.”  The CRC Network is a disciplined renewal force supporting and supported by its local groups.  It is a pioneer force for a Next Christianity.  And it is just an ordinary group of people doing an extraordinary thing.  Here we are in Bonham, Texas.

circle group

For further exploration into how to participate in this transformation of Christian Community, consider these links:

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