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What God asks for is the heart, and it is enough that it should stand before Him with reverence.  Standing always before God with reverence is unceasing prayer.

  - Theophan





The Practice of Prayer

Day One

Silent Prayer

Sit upright.  With a straight spine let the shoulders relax.  Allow the breath to be deep, slow.  Allowing the eyes to close, being totally alert, totally relaxed.  If thoughts come, allow them to pass like clouds.  Simply being here, this moment.  Breathing.  In.  Out.  Deep.  Slow.  Calm. Peace.  Smile.  Release.  Present moment, only moment. 
(Sit in silence.)

Writing Prayer

If we refuse to admit that we are estranged from our true being, we live in a world of illusion and truth becomes a stranger to us.  But if we freely admit that we have done wrong, we find that forgiveness follows as the night the day, leaving us clean from all unrighteousness.  - I John 1: 8-9.

Traditionally there are four types of prayer:  confession, petition, intercession, and gratitude.  Confession is an acknowledging of our mistakes, our weaknesses.  We all regularly fall short of our expectations of ourselves and the legitimate expectations of others.  We “screw up.”  Today what are you aware of in your life that you want to own up to?  What have you done that seems inappropriate?  What would you like to do over?  What was undone?  How do you sense yourself “off the mark,” having betrayed your true being? 
(Write your prayer of confession.)

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