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From the Twentieth Anniversary Report November 2004

6. Written, Recorded, and Electronic Resources

From the beginning, writing has been a key aspect of the work of Realistic Living.   Many good books and other resources exist, but they are not sharply focused on the special needs of a local circle of Christian resurgence.   The aim of our writings is to provide the context for Christian revitalization and to provide specifically useful methods for Christian life together.

A description of most of these resources is in the Postscript of The Call of the Awe and on our web site: www.RealisticLiving.org.  There are 17 hard copy resources that can be mailed to you and 12 free downloads available from our web site.  We also have videos or DVDs for the lectures of the “Democracy, Earth, and You” course.  And we have cassette tapes of Joyce reading stories from her book, The Queen’s Quest and other Tales: Stories to Live By.

Back copies of our Realistic Living Journals and Newsletters are available.  We also have bibliographies and/or reviews of resources we have found helpful: novels, movies, books, etc.   We can make up a packet of materials for your needs upon request.


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