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From the Twentieth Anniversary Report November 2004

Joyce’s Reflections

When Gene and I first met, we soon became aware that we shared strong passions: for the real, for the essence of the Christian message, and to make a contribution with our lives.  We also shared artistic sensitivities: we easily consensed on decor, music, literature, movies.  So there has been strong commonality of purpose and perspective.  There are also differences between us that allow us to lean on one another for certain things.  I tend to grasp things intuitively and immediately.  Gene is more plodding, systematic, and comprehensive.  Once he sees what I am pointing to, he figures out the step-by-step road to it.  I tend to intuit the next direction for us -- locating movements, books, trainings.  Gene comes along more slowly, integrating and articulating their meaning and putting them in context.  We both love organizing and charting:  I lean toward the practical and immediate; Gene, toward the historical and global, but we each appreciate both.  Anyone who has seen us perform the EcoTheater scene, Bananas, knows there is tremendous intensity in this relationship.  You might say that our love for one another lies in the broader context of love for the truth, whence comes the name, Realistic Living.  As we write this report, I realize that we are reflecting on our life’s work as a team.  Perhaps there will be other opportunities to look back and reflect on the whole, but since we are 70 and 72 years old I am aware that this is an appropriate time for assessment.  My strongest feeling in looking at these 20 years is gratitude.  I am grateful for what we have become together that we could not have been alone.  I feel happy for the experiences and grateful for those we have shared them with.  I feel content that, though we have certainly stumbled here and there, we have basically remained on a road of growing and deepening, personally and together, and that we have perhaps made that road more clear for those about us.


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