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From the Twentieth Anniversary Report November 2004

Roger Alexander’s Report of a New CRC

We began our "Christian Resurgence Circle" experiment in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, October 11 with 16 members.  I performed all 3 of the leadership roles (Meeting Guide, Scripture Leader, and Study Leader) since no one else had participated in a CRC before. We began with the lighting of candles and several minutes of silence.  We then sang two songs: Give Thanks to the tune of "Wendy" and Finish our Work to the tune of "I’ll Walk the Line." The Spirit Go-Round Question was "What work of humanity are you engaged in completing?” Everyone shared important work that they are engaged in right now in their jobs, neighborhood, church, community, and the world.  We celebrated birthdays of three members of the group, asking each to share a "highlight" from the past year.  We took time for group members to express specific appreciation for each "birthday" person.  The highlight of the second meeting for me was answering the questions posed by the metaphorical translation of Mark 1:1-15: “What are some of your departures from authentic living?” and “How do you underestimate yourself?” and “How do you play it safe?”  I think it’s safe to say that we've never before gotten into such a deep discussion of life issues in the first chapter of Mark.  We have had good discussions of “The Great Work” by Thomas Berry, our study book for the quarter.  Important prayers and commitments have been voiced at the close of the meetings.  After the first week, leadership has been shared within the group.  I passed out copies of the complete schedule for the 13 weeks, a "generic" Order of Nurture Model used in each CRC meeting, the Leadership Training Manual for CRCs, and a sheet that gives the definition and purpose of CRCs and the "CRC Membership Covenant".  All in all, I believe our meetings have gone very well.  Everyone seems open and willing to use this model to learn and develop spiritually.

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