Study Outlines

We plan to make other outlines available soon.

These outlines have been prepared for a  quarterly study in the Bonham Circle,  tried and edited for other groups.

Study Outline 1:
The Creator of Christianity: A Commentary on the Gospel of Mark
by Gene Marshall

This is an important book for introducing the original Christian revelation to contemporary readers.  The study outline was prepared by the author.

Study Outline 2:
The Unbelievable Happiness of What Is: Beyond Belief to Love,  Fulfillment & Spiritual Awakenment
by Jon Bernie

This book is an excellent, easy to use, and moving presentation of the best of contemporary Buddhism.  The study outline was prepared by Joyce Marshall 

Study Outline 3:
Dangerous Years: Climate Change: the Long Emergency,  and the Way Forward
by David Orr

For an overview of the social situation from a spirit level of interpretation, this is an unusually effective book. The study outline was prepared by Gene Marshall 

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