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In both contemporary physics and contemporary religious writings “time” remains a mysterious topic. Nothing is more obvious than time to an elder who has watched babies grow into adults. “How time flies!” is almost an automatic exclamation. Nevertheless, in both our scientific quest for truth and in our interior or contemplative quest for truth, “What is time?” arises as an unusually profound topic.

Contemplative Time

When we look within our own conscious being, we see ourselves living in an ongoing quality we call “now.” Time seems to flow through this now. The past is just a memory taking place now as content in our memory banks. And the future is only an anticipation, taking place now in our guesses about future nows that have yet to “happen.” In our experiences of contemplation or art participation or solitary brooding, “now” continues to be our core experience of time

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Becoming a Revolutionary

“Realistic Living” is a revolutionary category, for most people, most of the time, are in dread flight from Reality.  Obsolete and mistaken notions rule our living, but we nevertheless cling to what has become familiar.  So realism can be dreadful.  But Realistic Living is also a joyous category, for being our authentic being in our real situation is a happy journey into our true humanity.  I nurture my realism from ancient religious sources, but I also nurture my being from those sources that best describe our contemporary world in vivid, unvarnished ways.

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